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Series of 5 transdisciplinary installations developed in collaboration with digital artist Santiago Tavera. Each installation is referred to as an "episode" within the series. This body of work examines the notions of representation, belonging and displacement through the creation of interactive and immersive digital environments, nonlinear storytelling, experimental soundscapes, textile sculptures and performance. To learn more details about each installation please visit:


EPISODE 1: When the river sings, stones it brings
Maison de la culture Claude Léveillé, Montreal, Canada (2021)

EPISODE 3: Live Despecho

Articule, HTMlles festival, Montreal, Canada (2018)

EPISODE 4: Camouflaged Screams
OPTICA, Centre d'art contemporain, Montreal, Canada (2021)

EPISODE 5: If I saw you, I don't remember

MAI - Montreal, Arts Interculturels, Montreal, Canada (2020)

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