Series of transdisciplinary productions developed in collaboration with digital artist Santiago Tavera. This body of work examines the notions of representation, belonging and displacement through the creation of interactive and immersive digital environments, nonlinear storytelling, experimental soundscapes, textile sculptures and performance. 

EPISODE 5: If I saw you, I don't remember

Immersive installation combining performance, video projections, live camera interfaces, light compositions and 3D animations, opening up a discussion on the notions visibility and exclusion of minorities.   

MAI - Montreal, Arts Interculturels, Montreal, Canada, 2020

Live performance by Phoebe Chang, Technical direction and video production by Milton Riaño

EPISODE 3: Live Despecho

Immersive and interactive installation combining Virtual reality, digital animations and live performance, reflecting on how migrant bodies and their multiple representations yearn to belong. 

Articule, HTMlles festival, Montreal, Canada, 2018 

Live performance by Phoebe Yì Líng Chang and Francisco Gonzalez.

17th International Image Fesival of Manizales, Colombia, 2018

Live performance by Natalia Rivera and David Páez-Toro.

EPISODE 1: A Party Elsewhere (2015)

Digital animation.