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Street performance/Photo Series

The series Homx Ludens depicts a cast of wearable sculptures used in  various street interventions throughout South and North America.

Pedestrian places are appropriated in order to create spaces of otherness within quotidian sites. This act puts forward the notion that when an element of difference is introduced into a space, all the elements within that space are reconfigured. Asking the question of what constitutes the public sphere and which individuals/actions are included or excluded. 

Montreal (2020)

Colombia (2013)

Buenos Aires (2013)

London, Ontario (2014)

London, Ontario (2013)

SLURPIE (2017)

Video Series


From the documentation of some of the public performance series Homx Ludens (2013-2015) has emerged the video series SLURPIE. A surrealist sequence of images of things, or people, that either belong, or dont. 

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