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3LIX (2023)
Public installation and interactive performance 

Public installation Darling Foundry, Place Publique, Montreal, QC, Sept 23- May 2024 

Photo credits Simon Belleau

3Lix is a public installation that combines textile work, sculpture, video performance, QR code interactivity and wind sensor data to present a polymorphic scene. In this work, three bodies in motion create an expanded performance: 

1) An inflatable textile public sculpture with QR codes. 2) A dancer in a video performance fragmented in 8 parts and accessed by scanning the QR codes throughout the sculpture. These videos are altered in real time by a sensor that records the speed of the wind at the site. 3) The viewer who moves around and accesses the QR codes with their phone, making a link between the physical and virtual forms. The natural wind becomes a live presence that instigates flow and movement between these bodies creating an invisible network.

Scan codes to see performance 

QR codes for scanning and viewing video performance piece

As the end of the world approaches and we have still not defined why we are here in the first place, this work reflects on how we were never meant to be a singular form but rather vessels of  transformation in continuous movement. Layered consciousness in one body. Iterations of the same essence in a lineage that transmutes internally and externally over time. Fragmented, multiple, simultaneous and in flux. Beautiful, angry, passive, aggressive, connected, disconnected. We are all at once re-enacting and healing our generational trauma. Through this network of moving forms, 3Lix poetically inquires about the patterns within patterns from which emerges our lived experience and sense of identity.

Performance Daniela Carmona 

Dramaturgy Agustin Rodriguez Beltran 

Videography Stacy Lee 

Video edition Santiago Tamayo, Milton Riaño

Sensor Programation Milton Riaño

Metal work Lorenzo Sosa-Rey 

Special thanks Santiago Tavera and Dominique Coughlin

With the support of Canada Council for the Arts

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