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Short film and video installation 

This video installation is a collaboration with film maker and photographer Rima Sater. The film depicts unknown bodies being highlighted and disguised within tropical settings, accompanied by a soundscape of poetry and deconstructed bossa nova sounds which reflect on the sensations of alienation, nostalgia and longing caused by the experience of displacement. An existential ode to our immigrant Latin and Arab mothers and an oneiric inquiry on what it means to belong. Filmed at Casa Na Ilha residency in Ila Bela, Brazil, in 2019. 


The 5 min piece combines Super 8mm film, VHS, chroma-keying and digital video, and is presented as an installation with immersive soundscapes, underwater lighting and projection into a reflective plexiglass tank filled with water. 

Forest City Gallery, London, ON, Jan 6 - Feb 7, 2024 

Photography by Rachel Long 

Read exhibition review-  Kim Neudorf for Akimbo 

The Khyber Center for the Arts, Halifax, NS, May 12-June 10, 2023

Photography by Veronica Gutierrez 

With the support of Canada Council for the Arts

Made with the support of Canada Council for the Arts

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