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Laura Acosta is a Colombian-Canadian transdisciplinary artist interested in observing how different bodies accept or reject the structures they dwell within, and the effects this can take on the surrounding environment. 


She creates absurdist audio-visual compositions that integrate textile structures, movement and multimedia elements, as a way to explore themes of identity, dislocation and performativity. Laura’s compositions present bodies or spaces in a constant process of identification and becoming, without ever arriving to a resolute form or place. Through this, she creates spaces of otherness where the audience is asked to create new narratives and networks between themselves and the space they occupy. Because when one experiences displacement -rupture- one can begin a process of conscious construction. 


The core of Laura's performances lie in the interactions between textile pieces, performers, viewers, and the environment they are all in. Laura’s textile and performance work extends into practices of public intervention, multimedia installation, video art, experimental sound, and workshops. 


Laura holds a diploma in Fine Arts from Fanshawe College, an interdisciplinary BFA with a special focus on textiles and sculpture from and NSCAD University, as well as an MFA in Fibres and Material studies from Concordia University, where she is currently the Head of Wardrobe in the Theatre Department. 

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