Laura Acosta is a Colombian-Canadian transdisciplinary artist that uses textiles and performance as a way to observe the power that a body has to claim, create, alter, or disrupt spaces. Her work revolves around creating absurdist audio-visual compositions that integrate unscripted movement, textile structures, and multimedia elements, as a way to explore themes of identity, representation and belonging. Laura’s compositions, which hinge between theatre and play, introduce strange bodies into familiar settings as a way to create spaces of otherness. A reoccurring theme in Laura's work is the act of appropriating public spaces as stages for surreal scenes.


In her artistic research, Laura is interested in investigating how different individuals identify and represent themselves byway of their movements. Her textile pieces alter the movements of the performers who wear them, prompting them to invent new ways to move around a site, creating an aesthetic experience for the viewers. Ultimately, the core of Laura's performances lie in the unscripted interactions between textile sculptures, performers, viewers, and the environment they are all in. These acts do not present linear narratives, they simply depict fantastic, yet familiar, forms that play with the imagination and expectation of the viewer, asking them to question their own position in relation to things that are near and far away from them. Laura’s performances extend into practices of sculptural installation, public intervention, photography, video art, text, experimental sound, and workshops. 


Laura's work has been executed and exhibited in various locations throughout South and North America. She holds an interdisciplinary BFA with a special focus on textiles and sculpture from Fanshawe College and NSCAD University, as well as, an MFA in Fibres and Material studies from Concordia University. Laura has taught fine art and craft courses at the University of Concordia in Montreal, where she is currently the Head of Wardrobe of the Theatre Department.